Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane..?

37 weeks & 3 Days!

Its a bittersweet moment thinking that our baby girl could come any day now. When you think about being pregnant there are certain things people just associate pregnancy with. Weight Gain, Cravings, Morning Sickness, and just being uncomfortable in the last month. Personally I didn't go through the regular symptoms. I had only started gaining weight around 6 months, Morning sickness never occurred thank goodness, Cravings well no more than usual I already loved to cook and eat so that pretty much stayed the same. As far as being uncomfortable? Well.. Its gotten hard to put my socks on but I love being pregnant and can't really complain about much because for me the last nine months have been pretty easy.

I'm excited to hold our baby girl and I can't wait till she is here, but I will certainly miss her kicks inside my belly and the intimate bonding that her and I share. Right now she's with me every second of every day and I have her all to myself. Although I know our bonding will get stronger once she's actually here. Plus I can't wait for the moment that Matt holds his little girl in his arms for the first time. He's an amazing husband and he already spoils his daughter, buying her everything she will ever need for her nursery. Matt takes a moment every night to talk to her in my belly and he tells her that he loves her, then tucks me into bed and kisses us both goodnight. I couldn't be a luckier woman! Knowing that labor will hopefully fix her heart issue it makes me want her here that much sooner. We both want to know that she is ok and healthy. This coming tuesday Madeline will get measured so we will know what to expect come her delivery. She should be a whopping 9pounds now, so she will likely be 10pds on her due date!

Soon I will post pictures of our little girl! Can't wait to meet her!!

Xo, Matt & Ashlie

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