Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Update 30 days from this FRIDAY!!

I can't believe that 30 days from this friday I will be a married woman. It's a day I have been looking forward to since I was a little girl, and its actually almost here!
Mom has been so amazing, with all the countless hours she has done with the planning, I keep telling her that when she retires she should be a wedding planner part time!
Matt grew up in VA, and in Loudoun County (where we currently live) So he pretty much can't go to the grocery store or target without running into someone that he knows!
Our limit for the wedding guest list started at 120 and I thought that was ALOT of people but seems that number is creeping higher and higher! Which has us a bit scared but whats a wedding unless your surrounded by the people that you love?
I wish we lived closer to all my family on the west coast so that everyone could be there to share in the happy moment, but I will certainly post pictures on facebook and mail them to anyone who would like to have some!

The theme we are going for is Shabby Chic, with a Fall Twist! I can't wait!

xoxo Ashlie, Matt and Baby girl

19 weeks! Almost half way there!

This friday Sept 2, 2011 we have our 20 week appointment where they will confirm that baby is a girl as well as make sure she is growing at the right pace. Fingers crossed that she's still a girl!

& next friday Sept 9th, 2011 is my monthly appointment with my OBGYN where they will weigh me (so far I am 5 months and haven't gained a pound, so I am actually hoping I start putting on some baby weight, just so I know she is healthy). We will also get to listen to her heartbeat, a sound that matt and I will never get bored of hearing! Brings tears to my eyes every time!

Right now she is the size of a mango!

Ever since I found out that baby squish is a girl, its been hard to stay out of the baby section at target. Today I started the baby registry at Babies R' Us and then went to target where I managed find 20+ outfits and 2 bathing suits up to 18+months all 50%-70% off!

xoxo Ashlie, Matt & Baby girl

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gender Reveal

On Sunday August 21st I was finally 18weeks and we had a 3D & 4D Sonogram appointment where they could figure out the gender of our little baby to be!

Mom & Ron came with us and Matt's whole family came, His mom Joyce, His dad Ed, Sister Caitie, Aunt Ka, and his maw (grandma Nancy).

We had bets going in the waiting room of who thought it was a boy and who thought it was a girl. Only My mom, Aunt Ka and I thought it was a girl.

When we walked into the room it had a giant projector screen where the baby's image would appear so everyone could see.

The tech explained the heartbeat was at 150 bpm (beats per min.) which is great!

And for the gender, I had to roll on my side because baby had their legs closed.. but DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!

ITS A GIRL!!! & I was SO excited, almost started crying. (Aunt Ka, My mom and Maw) all started crying!!

It was one of the greatest things to see, we saw her little legs kick and her sucking her thumb! I can't wait to meet her!!

For the next 3D & 4D family can watch the appointment through their computer, so if your interested just let me know!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Starting to pop!

15 weeks & starting to show!

Baby squish is starting to pop out! SO exciting and SO far this pregnancy has been fairly easily. No morning sickness at all.My weight is shifting so I haven't gained a pound. and I get to eat whatever I want? Well... Not so much but I've been eating a lot more ice cream than I used to! (the old wives tale is baby boy's crave salt and baby girl's crave sugar) So I'm convinced, that baby squish is a girl.

We have heard the heartbeat twice and its going strong at 150 beats per minute!