Saturday, January 14, 2012

39 Weeks & Nursery Update!

Madeline's Crib & Mobile

We have had some great news this week!! Tuesday we had her heart check up and things look normal, no longer does she have an irregular heart beat! Beyond relived with that news I didn't think the appointment could get better but they also said she's measuring at 8 lbs 7 oz rather than closer to 10 lbs as they were expecting, so hopefully a C section won't have to happen now. Our OBGYN apt yesterday went great as well, I was worried that they wouldn't give us an induction date because she's not measuring large anymore and they were just going to let me go naturally. My dr. said she would give the hospital a call and see if they could get us induced next weekend either January 20th or January 21st (which is her due date!) Monday we will know for sure what date we will be admitted to the hospital and we are SO excited.

My grandma is coming into town Jan. 19th and can only stay until the 22nd so I am beyond excited that she is going to be here for the birth of her great grandchild!! Can't wait to see her hold our little girl! I hope that my mom and matt's mom share the bond with Madeline that I have with my granny. I cherish the endless memories we have together from when I was growing up and I am so glad she will be part of this important moment in my life!

Matt & I left the appointment thinking the exact same thing.. Its now so surreal in one week we will welcome our beautiful little girl and we will enter the hospital as a family of 2 and leave a few days later as a family of 3. I can't believe we are actually having a baby in a week!!! The nesting has set in for both of us, we stayed up until 1am putting together the pack n play and her swing, and the list will continue until friday. The endless hours of hard work and sleepless nights will all be worth it when our little girl is home and we can relax.

Is it Saturday yet?! I want to hold you in my arms baby madeline!! Mommy & Daddy Love you!!

Xo, Matt & Ashlie

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