Sunday, May 20, 2012

 Happy 4 Months Maddie Grace! 
 1st time eating rice cereal 5.19.12 
 1st time in the pool in Lancaster Penn. 
Daddy & Maddie at her 1st Minor League Game. Lancaster Barnstormers 

Dear Maddie Grace, 

It has been a month of many many firsts! You went to your 4 month appointment with Dr. Bill on friday and you are 16lbs and 5oz and your 25 inches tall! Which lands you a spot in the 95 percentile. The Dr said you probably won't roll over for a while because your a big baby but we will keep practicing! He also said that we need to make sure that you sitting up most of the day so that the back of your little head (17 inches that is) doesn't become flat. Only issue is that your chunky little legs are getting to big for your bumbo seat so we will see what toy we can find to prop you up. Yesterday was your first time eating rice cereal and you loved it!! Opened your mouth right away and starting eating, We are so proud of you Maddie Grace! We also took you on your first road trip to celebrate Reagan Bischoff's 3rd Birthday in Lancaster PA. You went the in the pool for the 1st time which you loved and then went to your first minor league baseball game! You were such a good girl considering it was a 3 hour drive up and back and it was over 75 degrees outside. We love you baby and your growing up so fast! 

Xo, Daddy & Mommy 

Monday, May 14, 2012

 Maddie Grace with 2 teeth! 
 Our 1st Mothers Day at the Farmers Market
Maddie with the Rabbits 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

Yesterday was our 1st mothers day together and I can't wait for the years to come and watching you grow! Daddy finally built me the picnic table I have been asking for over 3 years and I can't wait to start having dinner outside and feeding you solids this summer. We went to a farmers market, and I only wish that organic local food wasn't so expensive. I promise I will try my hardest to make all your baby food from local and organic fruits and veggies but baby if we are going to be able to buy you toys, it won't always be possible. The fresh watermelons were over 8 dollars, and at the grocery store they are only 5. We then spent time with both sides of your families and you saw both your grammies! I'm so glad that you get to see them every week, I know they love you very much! I just wish that your great grammy in Seattle lived closer because I know she loves and misses you! Friday is your 4 month appointment and I will updated everyone on how well you are doing! 

I love you baby! 

xo, Daddy & Mommy 

Friday, May 4, 2012

1st Tooth, 1st play date & Sleeping in Crib!

 First Play Date with Sean (He's 3 weeks older) 
 Her 1st Tooth! 4.20.12 when I first noticed it 
 Sleeping so sweetly 
Slept through the night in her crib! 5.3.12 

Dear Madeline, 

Only 4 days into the month of may and you have experienced so many firsts! On sunday you got your first tooth and its growing so fast, its almost all the way through. People always talk about how horrible teething is but baby girl you have been great. The only thing that has changed is that you don't want to eat as much as normal but you have been in a great mood and sleeping really well so I will take it. You also had your very first play date with baby sean. Although you guys just laid there and stared at each other it was still very cute! I'm so glad that we have numerous babies that are your age for you to play and grow up with! Last night you fell asleep at 11pm and I decided to put you in your crib for the first time, and you didn't great! Didn't wake up until I had to go to work at 7:00am! I'm so proud of you little girl, your doing great! I love you baby! 

XO, Daddy & Mommy!