Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week 36

Madeline 36 weeks & 3 days! Look at her chubby cheeks!
Madeline at 35 weeks and 2 days! Love this sono because it shows her heart!
Some of Madeline's Christmas Presents!
I had an outfit made off etsy so she could match Matt's Crew!
Can't wait for a group photo of them with her!

I hope that everyone had a very merry christmas! Things around here sure have been busy to say the least. Lots of christmas shopping and lots of baking! With the weeks getting closer till our little girl is here we have had lots of appointments. After the appointment with the Maternal and Fetal Dr last tuesday, we were looking forward to our appointment with my OBGYN. We heard her heartbeat last friday 12.23.2011 and the Dr said it didn't sound irregular at all so we were very excited for such great news. Unfortunately we had our follow up appointment with Maternal and Fetal today and it seems she still has an irregular heartbeat but it doesn't happen often and they don't seem to be to worried about it. All I can do is to make sure that I don't drink caffeine, no chocolate and limit the amount of sugar that I intake. All the Dr's can do is to monitor her heart beat each week to make sure that it isn't getting worse. We obviously would prefer for the irregularity to stop, but as long as its not getting any worse thats about all we can ask for right now. We have our weekly appointment with my OBGYN this friday 12.30.2011 & then our next appointment with Maternal and Fetal is next Tuesday 1.3.2011.

With the holidays wrapping up and 2011 coming to an end I look at everything I have been blessed with, not the amount of christmas gifts I received (although I did get a ton of amazing things!) but the more important things. My health, the health of my family and amazing journey that we have been through in just these past 9 months. Finding out we were going to parents in 2012, getting engaged and getting married. I couldn't be more blessed to have the family and the friends that support us through everything that we do! I ask that you look back on your year and find what you are truly thankful for, don't forget the small things, and never take anything or anyone for granted. For tomorrow they just might not be there.

We can't wait to hold our little girl in our arms and wrap her up in the endless love that we have for her. I will be praying that this heart issue ends with her delivery and that we won't ever have to worry about it again. What god has in store for us is unknown but my resolution for 2012 is to keep my little family happy & more importantly healthy!

God Bless.

Xo Ashlie & Matt

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