Tuesday, August 13, 2013

18 month

 Loving the Beach 
Walking in the ocean with Daddy 
Baby C at 29 weeks 2 days 

Dear Madeline, 
        We took our annual trip to the Outer Banks this year the first week in aug and you slept pretty much the whole way. We were hoping since we left at 5:30 AM that it wouldn't take ALL day to get down there but we didn't arrive at the house in Corolla till 2:30 PM. The week was filled with lots of home made food, and I finally learned how to make maws rolls! First we were worried that you wouldn't enjoy the beach since you don't like sand but you did great once you warmed up it you were running all over the place with daddy. Your vocabulary is expanding, seems everyday you learn a new word! At your 18th month appointment everything went according to plan, your right on track for growing. We are also in the process of cutting your bottle out, yesterday was day 1 and you did great, no tears at all! Since you love to swim so your Mimi T enrolled you in swim lessons back home, we go every sunday and you now know how to blow bubbles and go under water. You also love to jump in the pool all by yourself! 

Yesterday we saw your sissy at the 3D/4D Sonogram place and you walked around pointing at the screen saying baby! We can already see the love that you have for her when you kiss my belly and give her hugs. Only 10 more weeks and she will be here!!

     Love, Mommy & Daddy