Friday, January 27, 2012

A week old

Getting ready for our 1st bath Jan.24th. 2012
My whole world!
All clean
Goodnight everyone

Matt and I were just talking last night that we can't believe our baby girl is already almost a week old.. The love that we have for our little girl is unbelievable, I knew we would love her more than anything but I could never explain the feelings we have. The thing I love the most is when Matt holds her and just stares at her, Madeline has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

She had her first check with Dr. Bill her pediatrician and he said she looks great! Weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and eating and sleeping great! We go back on February 3rd and by then she should gain a pound. Numerous people have offered to babysit her for my birthday which is a week from tomorrow, but I can't imagine spending my special day without her. She's currently in the next room sleeping and thats hard enough being away from her while I sit in her nursery and blog.

I love you little girl! Here's to many many many more memories!

Xo Matt, Ashlie & Madeline

Monday, January 23, 2012

Madeline Grace

First time holding Madeline Grace January 20th 2012 7:41pm
Getting all clean & measured 20.5 inches long, 8lbs 15oz
First footprints
Weighing in! Largest baby in the hospital this weekend
Matt & I holding her hands right after she was born

We went to the hospital Friday January 20th at 7:15 am to be induced at 40 weeks, and Matt and I were beyond excited. We still can't believe that our little girl is actually here! Labor went by pretty fast, and I'm very proud of how I handled the pain. Matt also said I did extremely well for how long we were in labor (little over 12hrs) It was a beautiful experience and now neither of us can take our eyes off her. The hardest part of the whole experience was when the nurses had to take her out of the room throughout the two day stay that we were there. I would just stare at the clock and count down the seconds until our baby girl was back in the room. Matt would even walk the halls asking when we would get her back because we couldn't stand to not be with her.

Things are going great, and baby Madeline is a picture perfect baby. Throughout the entire pregnancy we have gotten a lot of advice from our family and friends and even complete strangers. What I don't understand is why people bring up the negative over and over again? Matt & I have the same theory if you say something that is possibly true but negative counter it with a positive statement. A little bit of sweet and sour. Most common thing people say "You just wait... say goodbye to sleep... say goodbye to your life.." and we say "Here's a toast to the sleepless nights, the crying and frustration of transitioning into parenthood" We both agree that yes there will be nights and moments for the rest of lives that we are stressed out more than we ever have been before but its all worth it to see our little girl smile. Together Matt & I will do whatever it takes to protect our little girl and to make sure she is getting the best health care. Tomorrow we have our newborn checkup with the pediatrician and then we will have an update on how well our baby girl is doing, so I will update again very soon!

Love our family of 3!

XO Matt, Ashlie & Madeline

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waiting for you

Madeline's Nursery!

We finally got our induction date, which will be this coming friday 1.20.2011 at 7:30 pm. Matt & I will walk (well I will waddle) as a family of two and we will leave a few days later as a family of THREE! It still hasn't really sunk in that in just 3 days that we will be parents for the first time. I can't wait to hold you baby girl! Tomorrow we have an apt with the OBGYN to see how far I have dilated, and to talk about if friday night is when I actually get induced or if it will be saturday morning. Also this week we are getting our maternity photos done by her grandpa!! Can't wait to share those with you guys! Today I was thinking that I wanted to write her a letter expressing my thoughts and feeling of becoming a mother, hoping that on her college graduation day or at her wedding that she will read it and look back at what her and I have been through. Every year for her birthday I plan on writing one as well.

Dear Madeline Grace,

Seems just like yesterday it was May 16, 2011 when I woke up just like any other day not knowing that today would be the day that our lives would forever be changed. I never had pregnancy symptoms or a missed period, I just had a gut feeling so I went and took a pregnancy test. Lets just say it was the longest three minutes of my life waiting to see if there would be a line and + sign. I was in complete shock, I stared down at the test and all these thoughts started racing through my mind. In 9 months I would become a mother and Matt would become a father, we were both excited but also scared. I sent a picture of the test to your father because he was at work, and well the rest is history. He was in shock to say the least but so excited. Although you weren't exactly planned, your dad and I had already had the talk that we were going to get married soon and start a family. It just happened a little sooner than planned. We wouldn't go back and change anything even if we could. We soon got engaged and your father picked out the most beautiful engagement ring that I have ever seen. We then started planning the wedding and your father gave us a Marc Jacobs baby bag! I was so shocked, he even had your name monogramed on it! He got a ton of points for that present! I remember the first time that we saw you on the ultra sound machine, we called your our little peanut! My pregnancy with you was easy, with a few minor bumps in the road but still I wouldn't change a thing. I loved being pregnant. Every night your dad would put his hand on my belly and talk to you, he would let you know how much he loves you and that he just couldn't wait to meet you! Now the time comes where we will be welcoming you into the world, Its a bittersweet moment. I can't wait to hold you in my arms but never again will ever get the chance to feel your little kicks from the inside. I love you baby girl! Can't wait to meet you this weekend!

Love, Mommy

Xo Matt & Ashlie

Saturday, January 14, 2012

39 Weeks & Nursery Update!

Madeline's Crib & Mobile

We have had some great news this week!! Tuesday we had her heart check up and things look normal, no longer does she have an irregular heart beat! Beyond relived with that news I didn't think the appointment could get better but they also said she's measuring at 8 lbs 7 oz rather than closer to 10 lbs as they were expecting, so hopefully a C section won't have to happen now. Our OBGYN apt yesterday went great as well, I was worried that they wouldn't give us an induction date because she's not measuring large anymore and they were just going to let me go naturally. My dr. said she would give the hospital a call and see if they could get us induced next weekend either January 20th or January 21st (which is her due date!) Monday we will know for sure what date we will be admitted to the hospital and we are SO excited.

My grandma is coming into town Jan. 19th and can only stay until the 22nd so I am beyond excited that she is going to be here for the birth of her great grandchild!! Can't wait to see her hold our little girl! I hope that my mom and matt's mom share the bond with Madeline that I have with my granny. I cherish the endless memories we have together from when I was growing up and I am so glad she will be part of this important moment in my life!

Matt & I left the appointment thinking the exact same thing.. Its now so surreal in one week we will welcome our beautiful little girl and we will enter the hospital as a family of 2 and leave a few days later as a family of 3. I can't believe we are actually having a baby in a week!!! The nesting has set in for both of us, we stayed up until 1am putting together the pack n play and her swing, and the list will continue until friday. The endless hours of hard work and sleepless nights will all be worth it when our little girl is home and we can relax.

Is it Saturday yet?! I want to hold you in my arms baby madeline!! Mommy & Daddy Love you!!

Xo, Matt & Ashlie

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane..?

37 weeks & 3 Days!

Its a bittersweet moment thinking that our baby girl could come any day now. When you think about being pregnant there are certain things people just associate pregnancy with. Weight Gain, Cravings, Morning Sickness, and just being uncomfortable in the last month. Personally I didn't go through the regular symptoms. I had only started gaining weight around 6 months, Morning sickness never occurred thank goodness, Cravings well no more than usual I already loved to cook and eat so that pretty much stayed the same. As far as being uncomfortable? Well.. Its gotten hard to put my socks on but I love being pregnant and can't really complain about much because for me the last nine months have been pretty easy.

I'm excited to hold our baby girl and I can't wait till she is here, but I will certainly miss her kicks inside my belly and the intimate bonding that her and I share. Right now she's with me every second of every day and I have her all to myself. Although I know our bonding will get stronger once she's actually here. Plus I can't wait for the moment that Matt holds his little girl in his arms for the first time. He's an amazing husband and he already spoils his daughter, buying her everything she will ever need for her nursery. Matt takes a moment every night to talk to her in my belly and he tells her that he loves her, then tucks me into bed and kisses us both goodnight. I couldn't be a luckier woman! Knowing that labor will hopefully fix her heart issue it makes me want her here that much sooner. We both want to know that she is ok and healthy. This coming tuesday Madeline will get measured so we will know what to expect come her delivery. She should be a whopping 9pounds now, so she will likely be 10pds on her due date!

Soon I will post pictures of our little girl! Can't wait to meet her!!

Xo, Matt & Ashlie