Tuesday, April 2, 2013

14 Months & Trip to Seattle

 Happy Easter 
 Happy St. Patricks Day! 
Family Photo in Puyallup WA 

Dear Madeline Grace, 
     March was a VERY busy month for you! With St. Patricks Day and Easter, plus our 4 day trip to Seattle the entire month just flew by! You are now 25lbs and almost walking, you will furniture walk and love if someone will hold your hands and walk you all over the house! You also have added a few more words to your vocabulary. You can now say Papa, Momma, Ball, Book, Up, and What. You also point to everything that you see that you want. Unfortunately we have made weekly trips to the Dr's office this month for you. Originally we thought you had a stomach virus because you have had none stop loose bms, but after running numerous tests they have ruled any sickness out. We are currently on week 4 of you being "sick" and are back on formula with a no dairy diet.. Hoping it will clear up soon. The good thing is is that your acting your usual happy self and drinking all your fluids, so they aren't too terribly worried at this point. They are thinking you may have a dairy allergy so a possible trip to the GI Dr may be in our near future. 

  The trip to Seattle was very short, but you as usual did amazing! Slept 2 hours on the plane on the way there, and then the time difference didn't really seem to bother you. I'm so glad that you finally got to meet that side of my family. Plus some much need quality time with your Gigi was the whole reason we went out there! Saturday we celebrated your cousin Landon's 3rd birthday! You loved playing with all his new toys and crawling all over the deck! Your Aunt Tina has 10 chickens and once you pet one you weren't very fond at all. We also had dinner with your Uncle Phil and Aunt Alice, plus your cousin   Marie and Lucas! It was so great to catch up with everyone!! 

I will post more pictures once I load them off the camera! 

    Love, Papa & Momma