Monday, August 20, 2012

 Happy 7 Months Maddie Grace 
 Say Cheese! 
Love her expression in this picture! 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

      Today is your 7th Month Birthday! People always said the time flies when children are young and boy were they right. Your daddy and I just find ourselves sitting back and staring at you in awe of everything you do these days. You love to sit up and play with your toys, anything that makes music is a favorite in your eyes. You also love to play with bouncy balls, your good at playing catch and rolling it on the floor. Since you were about 4 months you have loved to stand, and now you starting to show an interest in standing all the time! The past couple weeks your top two teeth are starting to break through, so you haven't been sleeping much, waking up at 5am everyday isn't easy for your mommy. Baby food is going well, I truly love making all the food that you eat and you have started eating puffs this week! In a few more weeks we are heading to the beach with your best friends and their parents. I can't wait! You will love the week long play date with the babies, and the older kids. Can't wait to see you in the pool with all of them. I love you baby girl, right now your asleep in daddy's arms so I should probably take a nap as well. 

       Love you! Xo, Daddy & Mommy