Monday, January 23, 2012

Madeline Grace

First time holding Madeline Grace January 20th 2012 7:41pm
Getting all clean & measured 20.5 inches long, 8lbs 15oz
First footprints
Weighing in! Largest baby in the hospital this weekend
Matt & I holding her hands right after she was born

We went to the hospital Friday January 20th at 7:15 am to be induced at 40 weeks, and Matt and I were beyond excited. We still can't believe that our little girl is actually here! Labor went by pretty fast, and I'm very proud of how I handled the pain. Matt also said I did extremely well for how long we were in labor (little over 12hrs) It was a beautiful experience and now neither of us can take our eyes off her. The hardest part of the whole experience was when the nurses had to take her out of the room throughout the two day stay that we were there. I would just stare at the clock and count down the seconds until our baby girl was back in the room. Matt would even walk the halls asking when we would get her back because we couldn't stand to not be with her.

Things are going great, and baby Madeline is a picture perfect baby. Throughout the entire pregnancy we have gotten a lot of advice from our family and friends and even complete strangers. What I don't understand is why people bring up the negative over and over again? Matt & I have the same theory if you say something that is possibly true but negative counter it with a positive statement. A little bit of sweet and sour. Most common thing people say "You just wait... say goodbye to sleep... say goodbye to your life.." and we say "Here's a toast to the sleepless nights, the crying and frustration of transitioning into parenthood" We both agree that yes there will be nights and moments for the rest of lives that we are stressed out more than we ever have been before but its all worth it to see our little girl smile. Together Matt & I will do whatever it takes to protect our little girl and to make sure she is getting the best health care. Tomorrow we have our newborn checkup with the pediatrician and then we will have an update on how well our baby girl is doing, so I will update again very soon!

Love our family of 3!

XO Matt, Ashlie & Madeline

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