Monday, May 20, 2013

16 months

 Maddie Grace & I on her 16th Month Birthday 
Itty Bitty Baby Bump at 15 weeks 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

      You have officially started walking all by yourself!! You cruise all over the place now! Its so cute to see you walk to everything that you want! We finally got rid of your thrush that you had, which were small blisters inside your mouth! YUCK! Everyday you amaze us with your kind spirit and personality. People always say that the second baby is NEVER like the first but we are hoping that they are as mellow as you are. Your always full of smiles and just so laid back, your definitely your momma's girl. You are already starting to grasp that there is a baby in my belly,  you will come up and kiss the baby and point my stomach, it makes us melt every single time! 

    Love, Momma & Papa 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BIG announcement & 15 month check up

 Baby #2 at 9 week appointment 
 Baby #2 at 13 week appointment 
 FIRST haircut!! Only her bangs though 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

     It has been a crazy few months since I last wrote you a letter! First lets talk about how fast you are growing! You are no longer dealing with you GI issue, at this point we aren't sure if it just went away or if you were eating to much potassium either way we are glad to see that you are feeling better! 15 month appointment went great! You weigh 24 lbs and are almost off the charts for height! You took your first steps, and have lots of words to say! So far you are saying "Momma, Papa, Ball, Book, Up, What, Baby & Me (all the time!) You also know what a Cow, Chicken, Dog & Fish say! We finally took you in to get your bangs cut and I was shocked that I didn't cry! In a blink of an eye you have become a little girl who is just the sweetest little thing, smiling all day long! 

  BIG NEWS! Your going to be a BIG SISTER! This October 2013 Baby #2 is due! We are so excited for our little growing family! So far the pregnancy has been fairly easy, no morning sickness just sick to my stomach for the first 11 weeks & two minor colds. So far I'm thinking that its a boy because I have been craving lots of salt and hardly any sweets, but we won't officially find out until May 11th. You are so sweet when I'm laying down you point to my belly say "baby" and give it a kiss! Your going to be an amazing big sister! Can't wait to watch the two of you grow up together! 

Love, Momma & Papa