Monday, April 30, 2012

Counting our Blessings

With March for Babies Walk only a week away, I have been counting our blessing and how bringing Madeline into this world was fairly easy. I was watching Giuliana & Bill a show on TV and their journey of going through several treatments of IVF, fighting breast cancer and now finally they will become parents through Gestational Surrogacy. I have to say I didn't know the difference between what Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy was until now. Gestational Surrogacy is an arrangement between the intended parents of the child and the woman who agrees to carry the embryo(s) made from the egg(s)  and sperm of the intended parents. The surrogate carries the child to term and is the host but is not related to child in any way. Before becoming pregnant myself or before I even thought about the process of becoming a mother I always thought it would be easy, that it would be no problem for myself to get pregnant and to carry a picture perfect baby to full term. Our dear friends the Bischoff's have opened my eyes to the struggle that many families go through to not only get pregnant in the first place but to carry the baby to full term with no issues. With both her children having special needs and having lost one of their daughters at 27 weeks I will continue to count the blessings that I have. Their 2 children are fighters and are doing so amazing, but thats not without weekly therapy and doctor appointments and countless surgeries.  

Remember to not take for granted what you have, because someone out there is struggling with something you consider easy. Here is a link to our March of Dimes Facebook Page, Please Donate if you can.

Xo, Matt, Ashlie & Madeline 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Growing up

                                                        You discovered your hands!!
                                                                  You love your Mr. Whozit!
Tummy Time! You actually lasted for about 10 mins! 

Baby girl,

 Although I just wrote you a couple day go about the changes that you have had in the last 3 months, I decided to write you again. You have now put your self on a schedule! This is how our day goes 730 you wake up & if there is time you lay in bed with mommy while you eat your bottle 930 you eat your bottle (5oz) & then we play for a little! You love your play mat and your mr who's it! 1100 you eat another 5oz then you sleep for 3 hours! 2pm you wake up and we play some more an eat another bottle 4pm you have your 5oz then take your afternoon nap till about 6 7pm you eat dinner with mommy & daddy then you play with your tummy time mat 9-11 you eat again & then your out for the night! Today your constipated so I have to get you some prune juice, poor baby girl.. But I did find out that nordstroms is giving us your Marc Jacobs changing pad we never got with our bag so that will be nice! I will post all your pictures tonight, right now your dreaming! Love you baby girl!

 xo Daddy & Mommy

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy 3 Month Birthday!!

Happy 3 Month Birthday Madeline! 

Time Sure has flown by baby girl, every day we love you more and more. Your the easiest baby to take care of, you hardly ever cry only when you need something and you have been sleeping through the night since you were about 6 weeks old! This month you started to babble and you love having conversations with anyone who will sit and talk with you. We attempted to have you sleep in your crib but you only lasted about 20 mins before you woke yourself up. Your just not ready to be in their all by yourself.. or maybe its mommy and daddy who aren't ready for you to be in your nursery. Next month we go back to the doctor to see when we can start you on rice cereal, and you have your baptism. Can't believe your growing so fast! 

We love you baby girl! 

XO Daddy & Mommy 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost 3 Months!

Dreaming sweet dreams!

Baby girl, you have grown so much in the last month I can't believe it. Your already almost 14lbs! Its amazing, when we first brought you home you barely filled out your carseat, you were so tiny. Now in just 3 months you have almost doubled in size! This month you have started to babble a lot which is something I love. We have conversations with you all the time and it seems like you understand what we are saying and you talk to us! The easter bunny came to visit you last week and he brought you a couple books, some toys, and a kick and play piano play mat! You love that play mat because all you want to do is kick your little legs. You've almost started to hold your head up, not quite but your getting there. Tummy time is something that we do with you daily, even though you don't like we have to do it sweetheart. Currently your sound asleep in your carseat hopefully dreaming sweet dreams! We love you baby girl & I will post more about your 3 months next week when its officially your month birthday!

goodnight moon.goodnight baby.

Xo Daddy & Mommy