Monday, September 26, 2011

Cox Farms!!

Cox Farms Pumpkin Patch

I have been WAITING & WAITING for Cox Farms to open & FINALLY today they were open to the public! I took the kid that I nanny for and there is honestly nothing better than walking into this fall festival land surrounded by pumpkins, hay and baby farm animals.

The sounds of children laughing and running looking at everything brought a huge smile to my face. Knowing that this time next year our little pumpkin baby madeline will be 9 months old so Matt & I can take her to pick out her very first pumpkin!

The breeze was nice but it was still around 75 degrees... Where is the fall weather?? Come on 60's!

xoxo Ashlie Matt & Baby Madeline

Thursday, September 22, 2011

23 weeks!

Time sure is FLYING by! We have 10 days until the wedding & 121 left until baby!

This weekend we are preparing the house for family to come stay with us & doing last minute wedding plans! This is our last full weekend as a "single" couple!!

Can't wait to share the BIG day with our friends and family!!


xoxo Ashlie, Matt and Baby Madeline

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Packed Weekend

The boys went golfing! Great Picture of the guys!

This past weekend the guys took Matt on his bachelor party!

First they went golfing & then took a Keg Bus down to DC to watch the Nationals Game!

Sunday the girls and I all went down to Georgetown and had an amazing brunch at the Fairmont Hotel!

Only 2 more weeks till the BIG day!!

xoxo Ashlie, Matt & Baby Madeline

Friday, September 9, 2011

5th Month Appointment!

3D & 4D picture of Madeline taken at 20 weeks!
Can't wait till she's here so we can kiss her little nose!!

The weather here sure has been CRAZY! Heatwave? Check! Earthquake? Check! Hurricane? Check! Tornado? Check! Flooding Rains?? Double Check! Lets just hope all this crazy weather stops before the holiday season, lets not check the massive snow storm of 2011 box!

Doctor said Madeline is measuring perfectly, right on track! Plus I've gained 4 pounds, never thought I would be SO excited to gain weight! By week 25 I will be gaining a pound a week which will have me at a total weight gain of 25 pounds by her due date! Heard her heartbeat again and its strong and steady!

It's FLU season so I got a flu shot, even though the last time I got the shot I ended up with the flu, but it will protect Madeline from getting sick so I will do anything to keep her healthy!

Next appointment: October 7.2011 which means the family that is in town for the wedding can come with us to hear the heartbeat!

xoxo Ashlie, Matt & baby Madeline

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

26 Days till the Wedding!!

This past friday Matt & I went to our local courthouse and got our marriage license! So exciting that in less than a month I will officially be Mrs. Solomon!

The month of September is PACKED full of last minute wedding planning. Meeting with the DJ who happens to be Matt's cousin Todd. Ordering our wedding rings. Finalizing the guest count and the menu choices. Matt's bachelor party is the same weekend as my bachelorette party which is very exciting! He's going golfing and to the Nationals game & the girls and I are going to have brunch in the city!

the BEST part preparing for family to arrive!

Can't wait for the BIG day!!

xoxo Ashlie.Matt & Baby Madeline

Over half way there 20 weeks & 3 days

Baby Madeline Grace Solomon (20 week sonogram)

September 2nd, 2011 My mom, Matt & I all went to the doctors office and saw the 20 week sonogram pictures of Madeline Grace! At first she was being a little stubborn not wanting to roll in the right direction, but eventually she gave in and listened the doctor.
The appointment was almost an hour long and we saw over 80+ pictures of her and checked her growth! Her due date is still January 21st 2011 so we are officially half way there!! So exciting that in four months we will be bringing home a sweet little baby girl!! I can't wait to hold her in my arms!

This friday we have our monthly OBGYN appointment, where we will hear her heartbeat and I will get weighed again, hopefully by now I have gained some weight!

More exciting news, I felt her move for the first time last week which is beyond cool!

xoxo, Ashlie. Matt. & Baby Madeline