Friday, December 6, 2013

Caroline's Birth Story

 Our last photo as a family of 3 
 Caroline Marie Oct.17.2013 10:40 pm 
 Big Sissy Madeline meeting Caroline 
True Love 

Dear Madeline & Caroline, 

       Well we finally got scheduled for an induction date on Oct 19th 2013 and your daddy and I couldn't of been more excited! We were finally semi settled in the new house, and now we were just waiting for ms. Caroline to arrive! The week before the induction we decided it was best for us to stay in Loudoun County close to hospital just in case she came early! I was trying everything under the moon to induce labor: Fresh pineapple, Spicy Food, Hot baths you name it, I tried it. On October 17th I woke up and went to work like any other day, and started feeling contractions all day. I wasn't sure if they were real so I didn't want to get to excited. I called your dad and I drove myself to the hospital after work. The nurse said my contractions were close but that I would probably be sent home because I was dilating fast enough, I was only 3cm. After walking the halls for 2 hours and your daddy sitting my by side she said that I was going home. I couldn't help but cry, I was in so much pain and I knew that you were coming today! The nurse called Dr. Mills who delivered Madeline, and I told her I didn't want to go home just to come back in the middle of the night. Once I was all hooked up to the machines, and officially checked in all the family came to visit. By this point it was almost 10pm so I told everyone to go home because they said that Caroline wouldn't be born until the next morning or at least after midnight. Well... after 20 mins of pushing Caroline Marie was born a happy and healthy baby at 10:40 pm weighing 7 lbs 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. 

       Love, Daddy & Mommy 


 Our official first home together! Oct. 4th 2013 
Maddie helping pack up the old house 

   Dear Madeline Grace, 

      Looking back at the month of September 2013 it was a total blur, things were happening so fast! We got approved for our new house and found out that we would be closing on October 4th. As of Oct 1st I would be full term, meaning that you baby sister Caroline could arrive at any minute. To make it more interesting? The weekend we moved, I also had a wedding order for the bakery, and trying to bake while the entire house in boxes and 9 months pregnant isn't the easiest of tasks. You have been such a doll with everything going on and all these new changes. I see a lot of myself in you sweetheart, very easy going and go with the flow. Our house in Stephens city couldn't be more perfect, its huge! Lots of space for you and sissy to run around and play. Plus the neighbors daughter is only 11 days younger than you! I love you baby! 

        Love Mommy & Daddy 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

20 Months & the loss of Gigi

 Having fun in Williamsburg 
 Hanging out in a box 
Madeline & Gigi (May 2013) 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

    This month has been beyond busy for our family, we went on a mini vacation to Williamsburg with our good friends Joey & Summer. It was nice to step away from all the craziness at home and to actually have time to spend with your daddy. In the mix of being almost 9 months pregnant we found out the offer that we have on a house in Stephens City VA went through and we are MOVING in just a little more than a week!! So we have been busy packing up the entire house, planning a yard sale, and making sure we are saving every cent we can to make it all possible. 

Your mimi flew out to Seattle the day after Caroline's Baby Sprinkle to go see Gigi, who wasn't doing very well. As much as I wanted to be there with her and the rest of the family, it just wasn't possible with your sissy due in just a few short weeks. Mimi called Sept 23rd late at night to inform us all that Gigi had passed away. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever heard, as she was one of the most caring and loving people that I know. She taught me almost everything I know today, and I am who I am because of her. I have fond memories of growing up at her house playing in the snow, going down town to go shopping and most of all baking. I hope that I can re create those same memories with you and your sissy. We love you Gigi and please watch over us and protect our girls. 

Love, Mommy & Daddy 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

18 month

 Loving the Beach 
Walking in the ocean with Daddy 
Baby C at 29 weeks 2 days 

Dear Madeline, 
        We took our annual trip to the Outer Banks this year the first week in aug and you slept pretty much the whole way. We were hoping since we left at 5:30 AM that it wouldn't take ALL day to get down there but we didn't arrive at the house in Corolla till 2:30 PM. The week was filled with lots of home made food, and I finally learned how to make maws rolls! First we were worried that you wouldn't enjoy the beach since you don't like sand but you did great once you warmed up it you were running all over the place with daddy. Your vocabulary is expanding, seems everyday you learn a new word! At your 18th month appointment everything went according to plan, your right on track for growing. We are also in the process of cutting your bottle out, yesterday was day 1 and you did great, no tears at all! Since you love to swim so your Mimi T enrolled you in swim lessons back home, we go every sunday and you now know how to blow bubbles and go under water. You also love to jump in the pool all by yourself! 

Yesterday we saw your sissy at the 3D/4D Sonogram place and you walked around pointing at the screen saying baby! We can already see the love that you have for her when you kiss my belly and give her hugs. Only 10 more weeks and she will be here!!

     Love, Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, July 27, 2013

18 months

 Great Wolf Lodge June 2013 
 Daddy & Maddie at Great Wolf Lodge 
 Loving the POOL! 
 Happy Fourth with Sean! 
 Picking Blueberries in Leesburg 
FIRST Nationals Game 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

     Summer of 2013 sure has been a busy one and the DC area hit triple digits last week so it was super hot! Over the past month you have been on many adventures. In june we took a mini family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate Abby's 5th birthday! It was a blast,  you spent every minute that we were there playing and splashing in the water park that was indoors and outside! Your such a trooper on car trips, as you usually just sleep the whole way! Fourth of July was spent with friends at the Leesburg Parade, then we watched mini fireworks at their house. You weren't a big fan of the LOUD and BIG ones, seems your just like  your momma when it comes to loud noises. Unfortunately papa had to work, so he wasn't able to join us that day. The best part of summer is all the local berry picking that we can do, you love blueberries so I had to take you to a local farm in Leesburg to get the last of crop for the season! Yesterday was your first Nationals game! You had a great time clapping for all the players, even though we lost 11-0 you still had a great day with your Mimi and I. Hoping we can all go again this season with your papa as he has to work so he wasn't able to join us. Next week we are packing up and heading to the Outer Banks!! Your going to love a week in the pool! Hopefully you will learn to like the sand! 

Love you sweet girl! Xo, Papa and Momma 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

17 Months

 Strawberry Picking at Wegmeyer Farms 
 ALL ready to pick strawberries 
Rows and Rows of Strawberries 
Caroline Marie at 20 weeks 
Crossing her legs just like her BIG sister does! 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

      Happy 17th month birth day sweetheart!! I can't believe that in just one month you will already be 1 1 1/2! Seems like you were just born! You are truly a blessing from above! You officially are walking all over the place and dancing up a storm! Its hard to keep up with you and all your energy these days! Summer just started and it has been great having more down time with you being able to take you for ice cream or to take you to the pool! You also love to ride your bike up and down the street! Hopefully the weather will stop being so crazy so we can spend more time outside! We had your sister's 20 week sonogram appointment which for some reason you weren't crazy about! You screamed the whole 30 minutes that we were in there! Which totally isn't like you. Every day you point at my belly and say "baby" then you give her a kiss! I can't wait to watch the two of you girls grow up together! 

     Love, Papa & Momma 

Monday, May 20, 2013

16 months

 Maddie Grace & I on her 16th Month Birthday 
Itty Bitty Baby Bump at 15 weeks 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

      You have officially started walking all by yourself!! You cruise all over the place now! Its so cute to see you walk to everything that you want! We finally got rid of your thrush that you had, which were small blisters inside your mouth! YUCK! Everyday you amaze us with your kind spirit and personality. People always say that the second baby is NEVER like the first but we are hoping that they are as mellow as you are. Your always full of smiles and just so laid back, your definitely your momma's girl. You are already starting to grasp that there is a baby in my belly,  you will come up and kiss the baby and point my stomach, it makes us melt every single time! 

    Love, Momma & Papa 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BIG announcement & 15 month check up

 Baby #2 at 9 week appointment 
 Baby #2 at 13 week appointment 
 FIRST haircut!! Only her bangs though 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

     It has been a crazy few months since I last wrote you a letter! First lets talk about how fast you are growing! You are no longer dealing with you GI issue, at this point we aren't sure if it just went away or if you were eating to much potassium either way we are glad to see that you are feeling better! 15 month appointment went great! You weigh 24 lbs and are almost off the charts for height! You took your first steps, and have lots of words to say! So far you are saying "Momma, Papa, Ball, Book, Up, What, Baby & Me (all the time!) You also know what a Cow, Chicken, Dog & Fish say! We finally took you in to get your bangs cut and I was shocked that I didn't cry! In a blink of an eye you have become a little girl who is just the sweetest little thing, smiling all day long! 

  BIG NEWS! Your going to be a BIG SISTER! This October 2013 Baby #2 is due! We are so excited for our little growing family! So far the pregnancy has been fairly easy, no morning sickness just sick to my stomach for the first 11 weeks & two minor colds. So far I'm thinking that its a boy because I have been craving lots of salt and hardly any sweets, but we won't officially find out until May 11th. You are so sweet when I'm laying down you point to my belly say "baby" and give it a kiss! Your going to be an amazing big sister! Can't wait to watch the two of you grow up together! 

Love, Momma & Papa 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

14 Months & Trip to Seattle

 Happy Easter 
 Happy St. Patricks Day! 
Family Photo in Puyallup WA 

Dear Madeline Grace, 
     March was a VERY busy month for you! With St. Patricks Day and Easter, plus our 4 day trip to Seattle the entire month just flew by! You are now 25lbs and almost walking, you will furniture walk and love if someone will hold your hands and walk you all over the house! You also have added a few more words to your vocabulary. You can now say Papa, Momma, Ball, Book, Up, and What. You also point to everything that you see that you want. Unfortunately we have made weekly trips to the Dr's office this month for you. Originally we thought you had a stomach virus because you have had none stop loose bms, but after running numerous tests they have ruled any sickness out. We are currently on week 4 of you being "sick" and are back on formula with a no dairy diet.. Hoping it will clear up soon. The good thing is is that your acting your usual happy self and drinking all your fluids, so they aren't too terribly worried at this point. They are thinking you may have a dairy allergy so a possible trip to the GI Dr may be in our near future. 

  The trip to Seattle was very short, but you as usual did amazing! Slept 2 hours on the plane on the way there, and then the time difference didn't really seem to bother you. I'm so glad that you finally got to meet that side of my family. Plus some much need quality time with your Gigi was the whole reason we went out there! Saturday we celebrated your cousin Landon's 3rd birthday! You loved playing with all his new toys and crawling all over the deck! Your Aunt Tina has 10 chickens and once you pet one you weren't very fond at all. We also had dinner with your Uncle Phil and Aunt Alice, plus your cousin   Marie and Lucas! It was so great to catch up with everyone!! 

I will post more pictures once I load them off the camera! 

    Love, Papa & Momma 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

13 Months!

 Valentine's Day! 
 Disney on ICE at the Verizon Center 
LOVING your tunnel 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

        February 2013 has been a busy month for you, as you celebrated your second Valentine's Day! We had a play date at with some friends and you were loving having all these new toys to play with! Of course cupid brought you 2 Valentine's day giraffes & a Valentine's day book! We also had a girls trip and took you to see Disney on ICE at the Verizon Center! You seemed to love all the noise and excitement plus Mickey and Minnie were there which was probably your favorite part of the whole thing! Also in the past month you have learned to walk along furniture and your SO close to walking. If someone holds your hands you will walk all over the place! 4 more teeth are coming in and at this point I have lost count of how many teeth you have! Yesterday you also learned how to drink from a straw! Which is huge! Your growing so fast and your transitioning into a toddler rather than a baby, I'm excited for spring so we can take you to the park & we can go on walks! Only a few more weeks then this cold weather will hopefully be gone! 

Love you baby girl! 

     Xo Momma & Papa 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Madeline

 Madeline at 1 day old 
 The exact time she was born 
 Headed home from the hospital 
One year old! 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

    I can't believe your already 1 years old! It literally seems like yesterday your father and I were walking into the hospital at 6:30 AM so I could be induced. That day is a day I will never forget, we were surrounded by family and friends who couldn't wait to meet you minutes after you were born. That weekend so many people came into our room just so they could hold you for the first time. It definitely feels like you have been part of our lives much longer than just a year. Your dad and I often look back at pictures when you were a couple months old and talk about how blessed we are to have such a sweet little girl. From about 3 weeks old you slept through the night, and you always have a huge smile on your face! Over this past year you have been sick a couple times, even this past week with the stomach flu and you still act as happy as can be. Sure you have your little diva moments when you don't get what you want all the time but in our eyes your perfect. 

We celebrated your 1st birthday with 80+ people of our closest friends and family, and it was a great party. Lots of food, lots of laughing and a ton of kids running around playing with you and all your toys. We missed our family from the west coast, especially your GiGi Carol but we did take a video of you eating your smash cake so I will upload it to Facebook so everyone who couldn't make it can see. It was also your Poppy's birthday (my step dad) so its pretty cool that you have someone to almost share your birthday with! Tomorrow is your One year check up with Dr. Bill so I will updated tomorrow with all your stats, and more pictures from the party. 

 We love you to the moon and back! 

   Love, Papa & Mommy 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1st Christmas

 Minnie & Mickey Party 
3 Bambinos! Luke, Sean & Madeline 
Christmas Morning 

Dear Madeline,

  Your 1st christmas was truly amazing, you loved looking at our tree and you didn't bother trying to pull the ornaments off of it! Christmas as a parent is something very special, seeing your eyes light up over all the new toys and all the boxes! You actually helped unwrap some of your presents! You also celebrated your "birthday" with Sean! It was a Mickey & Minnie theme and you ate almost off your cake! I'm so glad that you have all these friends to grow up with! We are truly blessed sweetheart! For the next couple weeks your dad and I will be busy working on prepping for your actual birthday! Can't believe that your almost one!! SO much has happened over past year and we wouldn't change any of it for anything. Today I will post your 11 month photo and stats as well!

I'm also working on collecting your birth-1yr monthly photos so we can look back and see how much you've grown so those will be up soon!

  We love you sweetheart!

     Xo Papa & Momma