Wednesday, September 25, 2013

20 Months & the loss of Gigi

 Having fun in Williamsburg 
 Hanging out in a box 
Madeline & Gigi (May 2013) 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

    This month has been beyond busy for our family, we went on a mini vacation to Williamsburg with our good friends Joey & Summer. It was nice to step away from all the craziness at home and to actually have time to spend with your daddy. In the mix of being almost 9 months pregnant we found out the offer that we have on a house in Stephens City VA went through and we are MOVING in just a little more than a week!! So we have been busy packing up the entire house, planning a yard sale, and making sure we are saving every cent we can to make it all possible. 

Your mimi flew out to Seattle the day after Caroline's Baby Sprinkle to go see Gigi, who wasn't doing very well. As much as I wanted to be there with her and the rest of the family, it just wasn't possible with your sissy due in just a few short weeks. Mimi called Sept 23rd late at night to inform us all that Gigi had passed away. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever heard, as she was one of the most caring and loving people that I know. She taught me almost everything I know today, and I am who I am because of her. I have fond memories of growing up at her house playing in the snow, going down town to go shopping and most of all baking. I hope that I can re create those same memories with you and your sissy. We love you Gigi and please watch over us and protect our girls. 

Love, Mommy & Daddy