Friday, December 6, 2013

Caroline's Birth Story

 Our last photo as a family of 3 
 Caroline Marie Oct.17.2013 10:40 pm 
 Big Sissy Madeline meeting Caroline 
True Love 

Dear Madeline & Caroline, 

       Well we finally got scheduled for an induction date on Oct 19th 2013 and your daddy and I couldn't of been more excited! We were finally semi settled in the new house, and now we were just waiting for ms. Caroline to arrive! The week before the induction we decided it was best for us to stay in Loudoun County close to hospital just in case she came early! I was trying everything under the moon to induce labor: Fresh pineapple, Spicy Food, Hot baths you name it, I tried it. On October 17th I woke up and went to work like any other day, and started feeling contractions all day. I wasn't sure if they were real so I didn't want to get to excited. I called your dad and I drove myself to the hospital after work. The nurse said my contractions were close but that I would probably be sent home because I was dilating fast enough, I was only 3cm. After walking the halls for 2 hours and your daddy sitting my by side she said that I was going home. I couldn't help but cry, I was in so much pain and I knew that you were coming today! The nurse called Dr. Mills who delivered Madeline, and I told her I didn't want to go home just to come back in the middle of the night. Once I was all hooked up to the machines, and officially checked in all the family came to visit. By this point it was almost 10pm so I told everyone to go home because they said that Caroline wouldn't be born until the next morning or at least after midnight. Well... after 20 mins of pushing Caroline Marie was born a happy and healthy baby at 10:40 pm weighing 7 lbs 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. 

       Love, Daddy & Mommy 

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