Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Madeline

 Madeline at 1 day old 
 The exact time she was born 
 Headed home from the hospital 
One year old! 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

    I can't believe your already 1 years old! It literally seems like yesterday your father and I were walking into the hospital at 6:30 AM so I could be induced. That day is a day I will never forget, we were surrounded by family and friends who couldn't wait to meet you minutes after you were born. That weekend so many people came into our room just so they could hold you for the first time. It definitely feels like you have been part of our lives much longer than just a year. Your dad and I often look back at pictures when you were a couple months old and talk about how blessed we are to have such a sweet little girl. From about 3 weeks old you slept through the night, and you always have a huge smile on your face! Over this past year you have been sick a couple times, even this past week with the stomach flu and you still act as happy as can be. Sure you have your little diva moments when you don't get what you want all the time but in our eyes your perfect. 

We celebrated your 1st birthday with 80+ people of our closest friends and family, and it was a great party. Lots of food, lots of laughing and a ton of kids running around playing with you and all your toys. We missed our family from the west coast, especially your GiGi Carol but we did take a video of you eating your smash cake so I will upload it to Facebook so everyone who couldn't make it can see. It was also your Poppy's birthday (my step dad) so its pretty cool that you have someone to almost share your birthday with! Tomorrow is your One year check up with Dr. Bill so I will updated tomorrow with all your stats, and more pictures from the party. 

 We love you to the moon and back! 

   Love, Papa & Mommy 

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  1. We had so much fun at your birthday party Maddie! It has been a year of fun watching you grow up to be such a beautiful little girl!