Friday, December 6, 2013


 Our official first home together! Oct. 4th 2013 
Maddie helping pack up the old house 

   Dear Madeline Grace, 

      Looking back at the month of September 2013 it was a total blur, things were happening so fast! We got approved for our new house and found out that we would be closing on October 4th. As of Oct 1st I would be full term, meaning that you baby sister Caroline could arrive at any minute. To make it more interesting? The weekend we moved, I also had a wedding order for the bakery, and trying to bake while the entire house in boxes and 9 months pregnant isn't the easiest of tasks. You have been such a doll with everything going on and all these new changes. I see a lot of myself in you sweetheart, very easy going and go with the flow. Our house in Stephens city couldn't be more perfect, its huge! Lots of space for you and sissy to run around and play. Plus the neighbors daughter is only 11 days younger than you! I love you baby! 

        Love Mommy & Daddy 

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