Tuesday, February 26, 2013

13 Months!

 Valentine's Day! 
 Disney on ICE at the Verizon Center 
LOVING your tunnel 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

        February 2013 has been a busy month for you, as you celebrated your second Valentine's Day! We had a play date at with some friends and you were loving having all these new toys to play with! Of course cupid brought you 2 Valentine's day giraffes & a Valentine's day book! We also had a girls trip and took you to see Disney on ICE at the Verizon Center! You seemed to love all the noise and excitement plus Mickey and Minnie were there which was probably your favorite part of the whole thing! Also in the past month you have learned to walk along furniture and your SO close to walking. If someone holds your hands you will walk all over the place! 4 more teeth are coming in and at this point I have lost count of how many teeth you have! Yesterday you also learned how to drink from a straw! Which is huge! Your growing so fast and your transitioning into a toddler rather than a baby, I'm excited for spring so we can take you to the park & we can go on walks! Only a few more weeks then this cold weather will hopefully be gone! 

Love you baby girl! 

     Xo Momma & Papa 

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