Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1st Christmas

 Minnie & Mickey Party 
3 Bambinos! Luke, Sean & Madeline 
Christmas Morning 

Dear Madeline,

  Your 1st christmas was truly amazing, you loved looking at our tree and you didn't bother trying to pull the ornaments off of it! Christmas as a parent is something very special, seeing your eyes light up over all the new toys and all the boxes! You actually helped unwrap some of your presents! You also celebrated your "birthday" with Sean! It was a Mickey & Minnie theme and you ate almost off your cake! I'm so glad that you have all these friends to grow up with! We are truly blessed sweetheart! For the next couple weeks your dad and I will be busy working on prepping for your actual birthday! Can't believe that your almost one!! SO much has happened over past year and we wouldn't change any of it for anything. Today I will post your 11 month photo and stats as well!

I'm also working on collecting your birth-1yr monthly photos so we can look back and see how much you've grown so those will be up soon!

  We love you sweetheart!

     Xo Papa & Momma

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