Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost 3 Months!

Dreaming sweet dreams!

Baby girl, you have grown so much in the last month I can't believe it. Your already almost 14lbs! Its amazing, when we first brought you home you barely filled out your carseat, you were so tiny. Now in just 3 months you have almost doubled in size! This month you have started to babble a lot which is something I love. We have conversations with you all the time and it seems like you understand what we are saying and you talk to us! The easter bunny came to visit you last week and he brought you a couple books, some toys, and a kick and play piano play mat! You love that play mat because all you want to do is kick your little legs. You've almost started to hold your head up, not quite but your getting there. Tummy time is something that we do with you daily, even though you don't like we have to do it sweetheart. Currently your sound asleep in your carseat hopefully dreaming sweet dreams! We love you baby girl & I will post more about your 3 months next week when its officially your month birthday!

goodnight moon.goodnight baby.

Xo Daddy & Mommy

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