Thursday, April 26, 2012

Growing up

                                                        You discovered your hands!!
                                                                  You love your Mr. Whozit!
Tummy Time! You actually lasted for about 10 mins! 

Baby girl,

 Although I just wrote you a couple day go about the changes that you have had in the last 3 months, I decided to write you again. You have now put your self on a schedule! This is how our day goes 730 you wake up & if there is time you lay in bed with mommy while you eat your bottle 930 you eat your bottle (5oz) & then we play for a little! You love your play mat and your mr who's it! 1100 you eat another 5oz then you sleep for 3 hours! 2pm you wake up and we play some more an eat another bottle 4pm you have your 5oz then take your afternoon nap till about 6 7pm you eat dinner with mommy & daddy then you play with your tummy time mat 9-11 you eat again & then your out for the night! Today your constipated so I have to get you some prune juice, poor baby girl.. But I did find out that nordstroms is giving us your Marc Jacobs changing pad we never got with our bag so that will be nice! I will post all your pictures tonight, right now your dreaming! Love you baby girl!

 xo Daddy & Mommy

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