Friday, March 23, 2012

2 months

This week you turned 2 months old and you don't look much like the newborn that we brought home. You are now the chunkest of chunks, weighing in at 12lbs 9oz (88%) which is great!
Mommy loves your little tiny rolls! You did great getting your shots today at the doctors office and after you finished crying daddy said I wish I could go buy you a treat for how good you were. You have daddy wrapped around your little finger sweetheart! This month your cheeks have gotten fuller and your eyes have gotten so much bigger! Your also quite the talker, I can't wait till you say your first word! We have also started you on a schedule and your usually in bed by 8. Sometimes you fall asleep in daddy's arms and I just stare at the both of you and think how in love I am. People always say how beautiful you are.. and boy are they right! Your a beautiful little girl. You also started smiling alot this month, I love the little toothless smiles you give us! Although most the time you only smile for daddy, not so much for me.

I love you sweet girl. Happy 2 month birthday! xoxo

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