Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our little turkey isn't done!

We had quite the scare this Thursday, everything was going well and normal until
noon when I started getting sharp pains in my lower belly, also known as contractions which is pre term labor. I have bronchitis and my OBGYN doctor said if I have more than 5 menstrual type pains in an hour that I need to call them ASAP.
So I left my friend Danielle's house, headed to work at 2 and called the doctor. By 3:30 I was walking into the hospital thinking I was over reacting because the pain was now gone and not constant. Had a couple contractions while I was there and I thought for sure I was just going to get sent home. Boy was I wrong, contractions got closer, instead of 10-15 mins apart like before they were now 2-3 mins apart. At 31 weeks that's way to early to deliver because our little turkey isn't done cooking! I spent the night in the hospital for observation for 24 hours. After 4 bags of fluids, and 3 yes 3 exams on my cervix (which is now 60% soft) I got released to bed rest for 2 weeks. As I sit at home in bed the week of thanksgiving I think of all the things I'm beyond thankful for. My family who rushed to the hospital to be by my side, my amazing husband who won't let me get out of bed for anything! He's even been painting Madeline's room all day! And I'm beyond thankful our little turkey has realized she's not done cooking and that she can't come out yet.

Here's to hoping I can stay out of the hospital until January, and I can't thank everyone enough for everything. I'm one blessed daughter, daughter in law, wife & mother to be!

Xoxo Ashlie, Matt & Baby Madeline

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