Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Weeks & another 3D/4D Appointment!!

Baby Madeline at 30 weeks and 1 Day!!

This past sunday matt, the family and I all went to our 3D/4D appointment, & My grandma from the west coast even watched it over the internet!! How amazing!!

We heard her heartbeat and got a recording of it so we can make a little heartbeat stuffed animal for her to have when she is here. I cried! Its truly amazing that this beautiful little girl is growing inside of me, and she even SMILED!! We all can't wait till she is here, only 7 weeks until I'm officially FULL TERM (I KNOW CRAZY!) time flies by! But her official due date isn't for another 10 weeks. I can't wait to her hold her in my arms and give her a huge kiss!!

We love you Baby Madeline! & I promise I will get daddy to paint your room this weekend!

xoxo Ashlie, Matt & Baby Madeline

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