Monday, September 17, 2012

 BIG smiles! 
 Abby & Maddie Grace 
Maddie Grace Almost 8 months, Sean Almost 9 months, Luke Almost 8 Months 

Dear Maddie Grace, 

This past week was your second trip to the beach and this time we went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. Our friends The Golinos, The Coullahan's and The Bischoff's.  It was a packed house with 8 adults and 7 children (4 yr old, two 3 year olds, one almost 2 year old, and three babies under 1) Every morning you loved waking up to all the children and everyone paying attention to you! While we were there we stayed quite busy as we walked up and down the boardwalk, enjoyed the weather at the beach and went to the nearby outlets for some fall shopping. The mom's got a much needed girls night out and found out  once we had a few drinks it made us even closer friends. I hope that you will grow up with these children and that you will become as close with them as I have with their parents. Truly great memories with great people! The dads also got a night out but they didn't do much as it was the first week in football so they went out to eat then watched the game on tv. You also tried so many new foods, lots of fruit, pancakes, crackers, and your favorite french fries! 

I can't believe your already almost 8 months old! Love you sweet baby girl! 

Xo, Daddy & Mommy 

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