Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Papa's Birthday & New things!

 Loving her new PLAYROOM!! 
 Papa & Madeline at Grammy & Poppy's House 
 Grammy, Poppy & Madeline 
SMILE! One of my favorite pictures 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

   A couple weeks ago was your papa's 34th birthday and we had many many celebrations! 1st we had dinner at grammy and poppy's house, it was seafood night so unfortunately you couldn't try any of the foods that we were eating but you loved to sit there and watch everything. Plus the annual dinner at Maw's, then we went to the driving range the next day with some friends and you loved it! You wore your golf cart bubble and were smiling non stop at the camera! Its a good thing you like getting your picture taken because I think I take at least 10-15 photos a day of you! How can I not your just so stinking cute! We also went to dinner with our friends the Bischoff's, Coullahan's and the Golino's. Which you loved you tried your first corn muffin which you managed to get most of it on the floor but oh well the pieces you did eat you enjoyed! Today I called the pediatricians office to see if we could transition you to "table food" (meaning cheerios and small pieces of fruit and veggies) and to start you on fruit. Originally Dr. Bill said we had to wait until your 9 month appointment to start fruit but your more than ready! Only 5 more days and we are off to beach with our friends and 7 kids under the age of 4. I wouldn't call it a "vacation" but more of a getaway! All the kids are well behaved and you will love having all the kids to play with! 

    PS: my next project is to turn this blog into a book. Each year I'm going to print off the blog so you can look back and read all about your life! 

      Love, Daddy & Mommy 

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