Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy 6th Month Madeline

 1st homemade baby food. Sweet Potatoes 7.19.12
 Happy 1st Fourth of July 
Bath Time after your baby food! 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

      I can't believe that your already 1/2 a year old, time sure does fly by! Every morning I walk into your room and say good morning while your still sleeping and I can't stop staring at you, your honestly the most perfect baby out there! I love that I get to take you to work with me and I get to see you learn new things. You haven't started rolling yet, but you love to sleep on your side, as soon as we put you on your back you roll right over! We are practicing sitting and standing and your doing a great job with both, before we know you will be moving around and we will all be in trouble. Yesterday you had your 6th month appointment and you were 19 lbs 3oz (96%) and 28 inches long (99%) and the Dr said your a very healthy and happy girl! We also got to the green light for you to start baby food which I am so excited about. You did great with your sweet potatoes so I have no fear that you will love all the new foods that you will be trying in the months to come. Last night was rough, as you officially have your 1st cold. Your little nose is so stuffed up its hard for you to breathe, so even with tylenol you were up every couple hours, and you seem to have a little cough as well. I will add your 6th month sticker photo later, once you wake up, and I will let you sleep as long as possible before we leave for the day. Next week we are headed to Wilmington NC to visit your dad's great aunt and uncle and then to the Outer Banks for a week! So excited to take you to the beach, hopefully you love it as much as your mommy does! There will also be a pool which you love don't worry baby, we will have fun even if we spend the week poolside. I should probably start planning your 1st birthday now because you know your mommy wants it to be perfect for her little girl! 

    We love you Maddie Grace! Heres to the best 6 months of our lives so far! 

                                                                Love, Daddy & Mommy 

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