Monday, July 30, 2012

Beach Trip

 1st time in the sand with Mommy 
 LOVING the pool 
 Cheesy smile 
Not so sure about the sand 

     Last week we drove 6+ hours to Wilmington NC to visit your dad's great aunt and uncle. It wasn't such a great idea to leave at 7pm to drive but you did great in the jeep, slept the whole way there. After 2 days in the pool and walking around town we fell in love with the city. Even looked at a model home, if your daddy could find a job down there we would pack up and move tomorrow! Saturday morning we drove 7+ hrs to the Outer Banks, it was only supposed to be a 5 hr drive but we got stuck in traffic on hwy 12. You did such a great job in the car that we went straight to the toy store after lunch and bought you toy, you smile really big for your new butterfly that giggles. The 1st time we took you to the beach you weren't so sure about the sand in between your toes, it could be that it was your nap time. Once I put you in the water you had had enough, fell right asleep under the umbrella and took a nap for an hour. On day #3 you saw your first water spout and it started to rain, but it cleared up just in time for all of us to walk down to the beach. We all wrote messages on shells and through them into the ocean for your paw. You would of loved him baby girl, he sure was an amazing man, and you have his beautiful eyes. We love you sweetheart! 

                     Xo Daddy  & Mommy 

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