Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gender Reveal

On Sunday August 21st I was finally 18weeks and we had a 3D & 4D Sonogram appointment where they could figure out the gender of our little baby to be!

Mom & Ron came with us and Matt's whole family came, His mom Joyce, His dad Ed, Sister Caitie, Aunt Ka, and his maw (grandma Nancy).

We had bets going in the waiting room of who thought it was a boy and who thought it was a girl. Only My mom, Aunt Ka and I thought it was a girl.

When we walked into the room it had a giant projector screen where the baby's image would appear so everyone could see.

The tech explained the heartbeat was at 150 bpm (beats per min.) which is great!

And for the gender, I had to roll on my side because baby had their legs closed.. but DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!

ITS A GIRL!!! & I was SO excited, almost started crying. (Aunt Ka, My mom and Maw) all started crying!!

It was one of the greatest things to see, we saw her little legs kick and her sucking her thumb! I can't wait to meet her!!

For the next 3D & 4D family can watch the appointment through their computer, so if your interested just let me know!

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