Monday, August 29, 2011

19 weeks! Almost half way there!

This friday Sept 2, 2011 we have our 20 week appointment where they will confirm that baby is a girl as well as make sure she is growing at the right pace. Fingers crossed that she's still a girl!

& next friday Sept 9th, 2011 is my monthly appointment with my OBGYN where they will weigh me (so far I am 5 months and haven't gained a pound, so I am actually hoping I start putting on some baby weight, just so I know she is healthy). We will also get to listen to her heartbeat, a sound that matt and I will never get bored of hearing! Brings tears to my eyes every time!

Right now she is the size of a mango!

Ever since I found out that baby squish is a girl, its been hard to stay out of the baby section at target. Today I started the baby registry at Babies R' Us and then went to target where I managed find 20+ outfits and 2 bathing suits up to 18+months all 50%-70% off!

xoxo Ashlie, Matt & Baby girl

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