Monday, June 4, 2012

Madeline's Baptism 5.27.12

 Matt, Madeline & I 
 Pastor Chris, Matt, Madeline & I 
All the sweets! 

"When you called me be to a mama you didn't ask for perfection but with every breathe that I'd point them to you" Matthew 6:33 

This past weekend Madeline got baptized at our local methodist church, and it was a beautiful day. She was such a good girl, even though the ceremony was in the middle of her nap time, she didn't start to break down until the very end. We were surrounded by family and friends and matt's grandma made a ton of food! We also got some great photos as a family! I love you Maddie Grace and God Bless you sweet girl! 

xo, Daddy and Mommy 

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