Friday, September 9, 2011

5th Month Appointment!

3D & 4D picture of Madeline taken at 20 weeks!
Can't wait till she's here so we can kiss her little nose!!

The weather here sure has been CRAZY! Heatwave? Check! Earthquake? Check! Hurricane? Check! Tornado? Check! Flooding Rains?? Double Check! Lets just hope all this crazy weather stops before the holiday season, lets not check the massive snow storm of 2011 box!

Doctor said Madeline is measuring perfectly, right on track! Plus I've gained 4 pounds, never thought I would be SO excited to gain weight! By week 25 I will be gaining a pound a week which will have me at a total weight gain of 25 pounds by her due date! Heard her heartbeat again and its strong and steady!

It's FLU season so I got a flu shot, even though the last time I got the shot I ended up with the flu, but it will protect Madeline from getting sick so I will do anything to keep her healthy!

Next appointment: October 7.2011 which means the family that is in town for the wedding can come with us to hear the heartbeat!

xoxo Ashlie, Matt & baby Madeline

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