Monday, November 19, 2012

What a Trooper!

 Bridesmaids/Flower Girl & Bride Pre Wedding Toast 
 My Beautiful Family of 3! 
The Bride Krysta & The 2 Flower Girls! 

Dear Madeline Grace, 

    This past weekend you were one of the flower girls in your Uncle Mike & Aunt Krysta's Wedding! It was truly amazing to join such an awesome couple in their special day! You were such a little ham and did so well being pushed down the aisle in a wagon! We had a feeling that you were coming down with a cold as you had a fever the entire day and night of the wedding, but I never knew it would last this long.  Its been over a week since the wedding & a trip to the drip with a prescription for antibiotics, you still aren't back to your normal happy self. You have quiet the runny nose, coughing and gagging to the point you are throwing up... its no fun at all. We feel so bad for you sweet heart but overall you have been a trooper! Most of the time you have a smile on your face and you couldn't be any cuter even though I know you don't feel great. 

Tomorrow you turn 10 months & thursday is your first Thanksgiving! Will be posting two more posts this week baby. 

   Love you sweet girl! 

                Xo, Papa & Momma 

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