Friday, February 24, 2012

One Month Check-Up

Just waking up this morning!
Yesterday on our walk, Love her face!

Today we had our one month appointment with Madeline's pediatrician, and it went great. I am so relived that we found a Dr that we love, he so caring about what is going on with her progress and just has a sense of humor that makes every appointment enjoyable. We have been having minor issues with Madeline gaining weight, so every week we have been seeing a lacatation consultant to get her weighed, as well as adjusting the amount of food that she intakes each day. She is supposed to be getting up to 36oz of breast milk or formula every day, but it seems my body doesn't want to produce that much. So what we have started this week is giving her what we can of breast milk and supplementing formula as well with each feeding. Today is day 2 of the new feeding plan and she is doing great! Today at the Dr she weighs a whopping 9lbs 6.9oz thats 1/2 a pound more since she got weighed at the Dr two weeks ago! GREAT NEWS!!

We go back in a month and we hope she is up a total of 2 pds!

Xo Matt, Ashlie & Baby Madeline

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